Your Turn: Analyze Rachel Alexandra's Breeding Opportunities

With a year and a half of the TrueNicks blog and 300-plus posts behind us, it has not escaped our attention that there are some passionate horsemen and pedigree analysts who frequent this corner of the Web. Indeed the "TrueNicks Community" has at times both intrigued and informed us and we are certainly thankful for this community that has given us some great ideas and provided us with timely inspiration to continue improving our services, creating new reports and engaging you on a day to day basis.

One of the more passionate blog posts, at least from the viewpoint of community comments, was that of the undefeated Peppers Pride. We opened up the forum, asking readers to suggest to whom "Peppers" should be bred to and the reaction was overwhelming!

This gave us another idea. We thought that the current brilliant 3-year-old filly Rachel Alexandra would be an excellent opportunity to ask our community once again to become the pedigree analyst. In fact, we're going to use your comments to compile a unique Pedigree Consultants mating report to submit to owner Jess Jackson.  While "Rachel" might remain in training in 2010 -- especially given her new owners' desire to see horses race on as older horses -- we also hear that she is to be bred to Curlin upon retirement. Let's have a look at all the options out there and decide if Curlin is a good pick (or even the best choice!). Who knows:  if we come up with a compelling reason that Rachel lines up perfectly with another stallion, maybe that stallion will be lined up for her second foal....

The format:    

  1. You may choose any stallion actively standing anywhere in the world, regardless of stud fee or location.
  2. Submit a comment on the stallion that you think would best suit Rachel Alexandra.  (Please keep your comments professional and provide your reasons for selecting a particular stallion. Comments like "I suggest Tiznow because he has big ears" are probably not going to make it past Scot who moderates all comments, let alone make it into the field for final consideration.)
  3. Readers are allowed to submit as many stallions as desired, but are asked to include only one stallion in each comment.
  4. We will keep the comments field open for submissions from 11 May through 03 August, a period of 12 weeks.
  5. At that time we will collate all the analyses (comments) and then turn it back over to you to vote on which one you think we should have as the top selection!
  6. The top seven stallion choices from our survey will be selections #1 through #7 on the Pedigree Consultants Mating Report (sample here) submitted to the connections of Rachel Alexandra.  
  7. The Pedigree Consultants Mating Report allows for eight comments, and the eighth suggestion will be from Alan Porter. 
  8. At that point, Alan will also pen a few words describing the benefits and risks of each of the eight selected stallions.  Watch for updates here on TrueNicks.com.
  9. Finally, we will present Jess Jackson with a bound copy of the mating report for Rachel Alexandra that includes the selected comments by our TrueNicks community.

Resources to help you along:

  • North American matches: View the TrueNicks Broodmare Analysis Report for Rachel Alexandra run with all commercial stallions ($30,000+ fee) standing in North America
  • Worldwide matches:  View the TrueNicks Broodmare Analysis Report for Rachel Alexandra run with all commercial stallions (equivalent of $30,000+ fee) standing in Europe, Australia, and Japan
  • View all the stallions that are subscribed to TrueNicks to run FREE reports, compliments of the stud farm.  You might wish to run free reports for stallions whose fees are under $30,000 or studs standing for private fees.
So get to it! 


Contest rules were updated 06/23/2009 at 4:23 p.m.

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