Announcing New Feature for Stallion Owners

One of the world's most successful investors, Warren Buffet, is quoted to have said "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

At TrueNicks we are always looking for ways to improve the our service to both broodmare owners who use the product and stallion subscribers who make part of the product free by sponsoring their stallion. Increasing the value of the product is important to us, and when we can do this without raising the cost of the service we offer, it is a win for broodmare owners and stallion subscribers alike.

We recently added a reporting feature for those stallion owners who have sponsored their stallion to the pedigree nicking service. Using this reporting feature, a stallion owner can log in to see exactly what TrueNick ratings have been run, when they were run, and what rating was returned. They can sort the data by various fields and export it to an Excel file for further manipulation or to archive.The service is dynamic with the results updated daily.

The data gives stallion owners a good look at what type of mares are being run against their stallions. If you are a stallion owner and have yet to login to the service, contact Scot Gillies and he can walk you through it all.

Given the data that TJCIS has been providing to us, there should be some serious numbers to search. From January through April 2009 a total of 369,423 TrueNicks ratings were run! As we previously wrote, given that through the first two months of the year 146,738 ratings were run, some 222,685, or just over 100,000 a month, have been run in March and April alone. That puts TrueNicks on track to generate over 1 million individual ratings run in the year.

These figures can't be generated without users and it is to you that we turn. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the service, or a product that you would like to see developed, make a comment below and we will develop TrueNicks around what you are wanting to see.

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