Keeneland September Auction Page Now Available

The TrueNicks score is one factor yearling buyers consider when looking through a sale catalog. At the Keeneland September sale -- with 5,189 hips! -- it's especially important to have a process of elimination to make sure that you're spending your time wisely and seeing only the most promising hips.

That's why TrueNicks has created a Keeneland September Auction Page.  On this page, you will find a hip-by-hip listing of every yearling at auction, including basic information including sex, color, sire, and dam. Most importantly, you can run a TrueNicks report on any of the sale's offerings.

Thanks to subscribing farms, complementary reports are available for 4,196 of the 5,189 hips -- that's 81%.  Just click on the link below the yearling's description and fill in the dam's name on the submission form.  Within a couple of minutes, you'll receive the foal's TrueNicks page with five-cross pedigree, the TrueNicks variant and letter grade, a list of the five best horses bred on the cross, and other information including Dosage and inbreeding.

For the 19% of offered yearlings whose sire is not subscribed to the TrueNicks service, just click on the provided link and order a report through equineline.com.

TrueNicks helps you to breed wisely and to buy wisely.

Keeneland September Auction Page


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