TrueNicks and Australia's Bluebloods Reach Agreement

TrueNicks and Australia's premier online stallion directory Bluebloods (also known as Stallions.com.au) are pleased to announce a joint venture between the companies. Featured stallions on the Bluebloods site that are also subscribed to TrueNicks' pedigree rating service now have a TrueNicks link on their landing page.

"We are delighted to partner with Stallions.com.au with this new agreement," said TrueNicks director Byron Rogers. "Owners of stallions that are subscribed to our service now enjoy the benefits of links on both Bluebloods and Weatherbys' online register, as well as The Blood-Horse's Stallion Register Online, making their stallion subscription service the most visible and widely used in the entire world."

Twenty-eight local stallions, including those from the recently subscribed Emirates Park Stud in Australia, will be available to broodmare owners to use immediately on Bluebloods, with more stallions to be added in the coming weeks. "In its short period of operation, TrueNicks has proven to be a program of outstanding utility to broodmare owners and yearling buyers throughout the world," Rogers notes. "We are sure that broodmare owners and buyers in New Zealand and Australia will find the service equally as important to their mating and purchasing decisions.

"The TrueNicks rating uses all the data available from around the world including the foals bred and race results from Australia and New Zealand," Rogers added, "so we are sure that users will find the accuracy of the TrueNicks rating a key feature."

Bluebloods, the premier Thoroughbred journal in Australia, is managed by Andrew Reichard and partners. "I am delighted to add the TrueNicks pedigree rating service to Stallions.com.au," Reichard said in a press statement. "This agreement follows [a] joint venture between this site and Blood-Horse Publications, which sees stallions that are listed on www.stallions.com.au cross referenced on the Blood-Horse's Stallion Register Online. For broodmare owners in Australia and New Zealand www.stallions.com.au is achieving its goal of being the best resource for all your research and information on stallions. For stallion owners, the addition of TrueNicks once again shows our commitment to providing a platform for you to showcase your stallions."

For general information about the TrueNicks pedigree mating service --  including a video on how Truenicks works -- please visit www.TrueNicks.com. Stud farms in Australia and New Zealand may contact Byron Rogers for information about subscribing stallions to the TrueNicks service. 

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