Q&A - Why Does It Mean When a TrueNicks Rating is a 'No Rating'?

Kim asks: I did a TrueNick with Bertrando and Benson's Girl (by Buddha) and it said no rating. What does that mean?

Alan's response: Thank you for the inquiry. For TrueNicks to compute a rating there must be either two stakes winners bred on the cross, or 15 starters.

If there are insufficient stakes winners or starters on the sire/broodmare sire cross, the program defaults along the sire and broodmare sire line,
until the grandsire of the sire, and the grandsire of the broodmare sire are reached. In this case - a mating for Bertrando with Benson's Girl by Buddha - when we reach Relaunch (grandsire of Bertrando) and Unbridled (grandsire of Buddha) there are still not two stakes winners or 15 starters on the cross, so there is insufficient evidence to calculate a reliable rating. We could go back a further generation, but we feel at this distance the value of the rating is much less likely to reliable reflect the individuals involved.

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