Q & A -- What Is The Lowest Recommended TrueNicks Grade?

Douglas asks: I remember reading that TrueNicks had a "lowest recommended score/grade" which I think was a B or is it a B+?

Alan's response: Thank you for the question. In general terms we find that horses rated B+ or better are those that have a particularly strong percentage of stakes winners relative to their appearance in the general population. Our study of over 100,000 horses found that only 13% of the population generated a rating high enough to be placed in the A to A++ category, and yet 37% of the stakes winners fall into that category. Less than a third (30%) of the population earn a rating of B or better, and yet they supply more than three-quarters of the stakes winners 77%). Of course there are always situations where particular linebreeding or inbreeding patterns, or physical factors offer compelling reasons to select a mating with a lower rating, but in general, and from the standpoint of the sire/broodmare sire nick, we pay particular attention to matings or horses rated B+ or above


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