TrueNicks Launches Stallion Affinity Report

TrueNicks has now added a Stallion Affinity Report to it’s growning stable of products. Utilizing the data-base of The Jockey Club Information Services, the comprehensive report returns ratings for the subject stallion when crossed with mares by any broodmare sire or sire who has been represented by 50 or more runners in either category in the previous year. Users can elect to cross the stallion with all broodmare sires and potential broodmare sires who fit the criteria worldwide, or to restrict the choice to a specific geographic region (for example, North America, Europe, or Australia and New Zealand), which makes the report equally useful to stallions anywhere in the world.
The report is delivered hardbound, and as an e-mail PDF file that can be stored and shared, and is fully searchable through an internet browser. Featured in the report are tables of all broodmare or potential sires that yield a B+ or higher TrueNicks Rating when bred to the subject stallion, sorted in order of TrueNicks variant; the leading broodmare sires and potential broodmare sires sorted by Stallion Improvement Index; an alphabetical listing for the rating return for the subject stallion with mares by all broodmare sires and potential broodmares world-wide (or within the selected region) that have 50 or more starters in the previous year; and the same qualifying sires and broodmare sires sorted by sire line. There is no doubt that this information and it’s presentation makes the TrueNicks Stallion Affinity product the most relevant and useful stallion nicking product yet offered.
User’s can also opt to add Pedigree Consultants, LLC Stallion Analysis. This includes a comprehensive review of the stallion, his achievements, and his pedigree background; a commercial evaluation, with note of particularly important selling points; and a selection of broodmare sires and potential strains that are considered to be particularly valuable for the subject stallion.

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