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Russell asks: Why are the ratings found in the Stallion Affinity Report not the same as the ratings obtained by running an individual mating?

As an example, Storm Cat over Yonaguska gets a TrueNicks rating of A+ according to the sample affinity report shown for Storm Cat. I ran my Yonaguska mare, Bella Cherokee, with Frost Giant using the TrueNicks link on the Empire Stud website.That particular rating defaulted to Storm Cat over Runaway Groom, which is D.

Why would the model default to Runaway Groom rather than display the A + shown on the Affinity Report?.

Alan's response: Thank you very much for the question. The difference stems from the Stallion Affinity Report considering Storm Cat himself, and the Frost Giant (TrueNicks,SRO)/Bella Cherokee mating being between a grandson of Storm Cat (Frost Giant is by Giant's Causeway (TrueNicks,SRO) , by Storm Cat). For the Storm Cat version, as Yonaguska doesn't yet appear as a broodmare sire of stakes winners, the program could potentially come to a rating based on Storm Cat himself with mares by Cherokee Run (and his sons and grandsons), Storm Cat/Runaway Groom, Storm Bird/Cherokee Run, Storm Bird/Runaway Groom, or Northern Dancer/Cherokee Run or Runaway Groom.

When we come to Frost Giant, who doesn't have runners himself, the cross will either be based on Giant's Causeway and his sons over Cherokee Run or Runaway Groom line mares, or Storm Cat (and his sons and grandsons), over Runaway Groom line mares. There are four stakes winners by Storm Cat line stallions out of Runaway Groom line mares, but overall the cross has performed well below opportunity. However, two of the stakes winners on the cross are by Forest Wildcat, so if we look at a son of Forest Wildcat with Bella Cherokee, the rating is A++.

Incidentally, outside of the sire line/broodmare sire line cross, the Frost Giant/Bella Cherokee mating does have some other interesting factors. It doubles Blushing Groom with Halo and his genetic relative Drone (Rahy, the broodmare sire of Giant's Causeway, and Cherokee Run are bred on a similar cross), and also doubles Mr. Prospector and Roberto who work well together (their dams being genetic relatives). At the same farm, also have a look at Posse (TrueNicks,SRO), who like Giant's Causeway is out of a Rahy mare.


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