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In honor of the upcoming stakes weekend at Woodbine, here's a crossword puzzle that I'm sure many of you will have fun with. The first person to solve the puzzle will be invited to write a guest blog here on TrueNicks.com. Post your answers here, or email to me at ian@truenicks.com. The solution will be revealed on Wednesday, September 22. Here's a link to a printable version.

UPDATE: Congrats to mz, who successfully solved the crossword! Stay tuned for mz's blog post coming soon. The puzzle solution is posted below.

Clues in the puzzle pertain to past winners of the following weekend stakes at Woodbine:

  • 9/18, Summer S. (gr. III), 2yo, 8f (turf)
  • 9/18, Natalma S. (gr. III), 2yo f, 8f (turf)
  • 9/19, Woodbine Mile (gr. I), 3&up, 8f (turf)
  • 9/19, Northern Dancer Breeders' Cup Turf (gr. I), 3&up, 12f (turf)
  • 9/19, Canadian S. (gr. II), 3&up, f/m, 9f (turf)

4   Princess Haya's winning margin.
6   Italian-bred's dam has a 2010 foal by Italian-named Medaglia d'Oro.
8   "Island" word shared by Canadian winner and offspring.
9   Barbadian jock byname.
12   Jock has five wins in the Canadian.
14   Mile record holder dam.
16   Leading sire kin is full of this.
17   Action descriptor for only GSW on the Theatrical/Red Ransom cross.
21   Viceregal's relationship to Summer-winning inaugural BC Juvenile starter.
22   Northern Dancer winner's top Euro sire bro.
24   Pat Day's whip struck Jim and this.
26   Has trained six Northern Dancer winners.
29   Northern Dancer Turf Stakes former title.
30   Malay "Sacred Town" sired a Natalma winner.
32   Brewery started the Mile.
35   Summer started at this Fort.
36   TrueNicks A++ rated Summer winner inbred 3x3 to him.
37   Expat Alan Porter would note this breeding in '97 Summer champ.

1   Moniker of briefly-abducted blue hen.
2   Trained the Dancer.
3   Micro-blogging third dam of a Canadian winner.
5   Last winner of Woodbine Million before name and distance change.
7   Northern Dancer sired 23 of these.
10   Type of journey for Nureyev son.
11   Turfy mare named for owner's wife.
13   True to his name, he liked the turf.
15   Just or unjust, being a grade I winner for 9 months was just this.
18   Woodbine Mile formerly known as.
19   His sire's final 2yo SW.
20   Early Canadian-winning Mister could be our poster boy.
23   Juddmonte family member is the king of these.
24   "Generous Gifts" son had a touch of these.
25   Lesser Antilles island and Canadian winner.
27   Aussie suburb-named Canadian winner's city.
28   Summer winner named for jock-turned-"agent" Angel Cordero, Jr.
31   Fairer sex Summer champion.
33   WinStar VP-trainee fruit.
34   Bubble shade of Hotstufanthensome cross-mate.

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Ian, thanks for the crossword! Im having trouble figuring out the last clue (34-down) can you help out with an explanation or hint? thanks, anthony

Anthony Say 16 Sep 2010 11:11 AM

Hi Anthony,

Ok, here's a hint: Check out the sire/broodmare sire cross of Hotstufanthensome and the other horses on the cross. An easy way would be to run a hypo TrueNicks rating and see the best horses bred on that cross. Best of luck!


Ian Tapp 16 Sep 2010 11:26 AM

OK, I've think I've got them all except 3 Down, 16 Across and 30 Across.  



4.  Nose

6.  Becrux

8.  Inish

12.  Platts

14.  Estala

16. ???

17.  Strut

21  Damsire

22  Dansili

24  Tonic

26  FRostad

29  Niagara

30 ??? - driving me nuts!!

32  Molson

35  Erie

36  Storm Cat

37  ??Line??


1 ??Fan?? - I KNOW it's Fanfreluche and I believe when they found her they were using her (or trying to use her) as a riding horse and I think they were calling her Brandy or something like that.  Does this give me any extra points?

2 Luro

3  ?? - again DRIVING ME NUTS!

5 Skippy (Mrs. Hines' name for him?)

7 crops

10  Good

11  J'Ray

13  Turfah

15 As Well

18 Atto (Mile)

19  Prussian

20 Nick (Mr.)

23 Animals

24 The Blues (Touch of)

25  Anguilla

27 Sydney (how easy was it for the Track Announcer to call her name?)

28 ??Dubleo??

31.  Anna (Dreaming of)

33.  Lime

34.  Pink (Champagne)

And having looked up some of the past winners of some of these races, do you have any idea what happened to a couple of really good mares I remember: Belle Geste and Momigi?


mz 16 Sep 2010 5:46 PM


Very impressive! You've almost solved it. Here's some help for the ones your missing:

3 down - should be easy once you see it, it's the 3rd dam of a Canadian winner.

9 across - you didn't answer this one

16 across - part of the name of race winner who is a full brother to a leading sire

30 across - the sire's name means "Sacred Town" in Malay

Ian Tapp 17 Sep 2010 8:44 AM


...and regarding those two mares you mentioned:

Belle Geste, Canadian champion grass mare, died at age 10, producing two foals, one winner. The unraced filly by Droll Role produced a minor stakes winner in Venezuela, but that's the only black type.

Momigi, 3x Canadian champion, was sent to Japan at age 5. There she was dam of Japanese G3 winner Royal Silky, and second dam of Japanese champion older horse Marvelous Sunday (by Sunday Silence).

Ian Tapp 17 Sep 2010 8:58 AM

Sorry: 9 Across was Jono (Jones)

Using your hints, I now have 16 Across: Wonder (Full of)

Gonna have to waste more of my time on the weekend trying for the other two -- BTW, I got the clues but I can't get the names!  Ack!  

mz 17 Sep 2010 10:31 AM

            Ian , I love the crossword puzzle format ! I'll be getting a late start :( I've been very busy but , I will do my very best :)

Pedigree Shelly 18 Sep 2010 4:32 PM

finally got 3 Down : Twitter (dam of Be Merry, dam of Hilarious Spirit, dam of Myrthful Minx 1982)

however, even though I KNOW what the clue means for 30 Across, I haven't been able to get it. Pago Pago doesn't fit.  Herat is a rug.  Alydar was made up. Sligo Bay is in Ireland.  ACK!  And nothing ends in "AN" with an "I" as the third letter -- unless I have 25 down, 31 down and 19 down wrong -- and I don't think I do.  I am looking for the sire's name, right?

mz 20 Sep 2010 11:18 AM


You're on the right track. Here's a big hint: keep in mind that the Natalma has been run in two divisions. And yes, you are looking for the sire's name.


Ian Tapp 20 Sep 2010 11:24 AM

Shows you how you have to check your print-outs from the 'net.

30 Across - Sri Pekan (Hoh Dear - 2ND DIV in 1999)


Now I can sleep at nights, believing that I AM a good Canadian.

p.s.  I love Crosswords.  I love horse racing.  Congrats to the puzzle maker too.  

mz 20 Sep 2010 11:42 AM

           Ian , I'm having trouble with 37 across! The only thing notable  in Chief de Beers is inbreeding to Nasrullah, doesn't fit :(

Pedigree Shelly 20 Sep 2010 7:25 PM


37 across has to do with the notable type of breeding found in the pedigree of the 1997 Summer Stakes winner.

Ian Tapp 20 Sep 2010 11:36 PM

Ian , you're right ! Sorry about that! At least I'm learning alot about Canadian Racing !

Pedigree Shelly 21 Sep 2010 3:35 PM

          Ian , I did my best but , I am six short of completing the assignment :( I feel like I left you down , because I kept asking when the next puzzle was . I had a late start because of being busy ! I didn't check the site ! Those two days would have made a world of difference ! By the way , Do you have a winner ?

Pedigree Shelly 22 Sep 2010 5:15 PM

Puzzle solution (correctly solved by mz):


4 Nose

6 Becrux

8 Inish

9 Jono

12 Platts

14 Estala

16 Wonder

17 Strut

21 Damsire

22 Dansili

24 Tonic

26 Frostad

29 Niagara

30 Sri Pekan

32 Molson

35 Erie

36 Storm Cat

37 Line


1 Fan

2 Luro

3 Twitter

5 Skippy

7 Crops

10 Good

11 J’ray

13 Turfah

15 As Well

18 Atto

19 Prussian

20 Nick

23 Animals

24 The Blues

25 Anguilla

27 Sydney

28 Dubleo

31 Anna

33 Lime

34 Pink

Ian Tapp 23 Sep 2010 12:02 PM

           Congrats to mz ! It's nice to know at least the ones I had were correct , but those two days I didn't know about the puzzle , killed my chances :(

Pedigree Shelly 25 Sep 2010 9:34 PM

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