Pedigree, Genetics & Performance Conference Announced

The Blood-Horse magazine, in conjunction with Pedigree Consultants LLC and TrueNicks.com, announces the 2011 Thoroughbred Pedigree, Genetics, and Performance Conference. The two-day event will be hosted at the Marriott Griffin Gate hotel in Lexington, Kentucky, on September 7-8, 2011, conveniently preceding the Keeneland September Yearling Sale.

Designed to complement the 2010 event of a similar nature, the agenda for the conference will bring together 18 internationally-known pedigree, genetics, and performance physiology experts to share their knowledge on the application of the latest in pedigree analysis, genetics research, and equine physiology testing as it relates to performance in the Thoroughbred.

Goals of the conference are to educate Thoroughbred breeders about progress and new discoveries in the field of equine pedigrees and genetics, create awareness of tools and technology available, and to provide a networking opportunity for international participants of the breeding industry.

Speakers for the 2011 Thoroughbred Pedigree, Genetics and Performance Conference include:

  • Dr. Ernie Bailey, Gluck Equine Research Center
  • Dr. Matthew Binns, The Genetic Edge
  • Dr. Dav Doodnauth, LifeLine Labs
  • Mr. Sid Fernando, Werk Thoroughbred Consultants, Inc.
  • Dr. Stephen Harrison, Thoroughbred Genetics
  • Dr. Emmeline Hill, Equinome Ltd
  • Mr. Jay Kilgore, DataTrack
  • Dr. David Lambert, The Genetic Edge
  • Dr. James MacLeod, Gluck Equine Research Center
  • Mr. Bill Oppenheim, International bloodstock writer and analyst
  • Mr. Alan Porter, Pedigree Consultants LLC
  • Mr. Bill Pressey, ThoroEdge
  • Mr. Byron Rogers, Pedigree Consultants LLC
  • Dr. Steve Roman, Chef-de-race.com (Dosage Index)
  • Mr. Jon Seaman, Cecil Seaman & Co.
  • Mr. Cecil Seaman, Cecil Seaman & Co.
  • Mr. Jeff Seder, EQB
  • Dr. Steven Tammariello, Performance Genetics LLC

Details and a full agenda for the event are available at BloodHorse.com/Register.

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