TrueNicks Adds Over 140 Stallions in Australia and New Zealand

Over 140 stallions standing in Australia and New Zealand have joined TrueNicks in advance of the 2011 Southern Hemisphere breeding season. Thoroughbred breeders who are currently busy working on their 2011 mating plans can now run complimentary TrueNicks Enhanced Reports with these stallions. (Click here for the full list)

TrueNicks Enhanced Reports include the TrueNicks rating, five-generation pedigree, inbreeding and Dosage notes, sire and broodmare sire statistics, and details of starters, winners, stakes winners, auction results, surface performance, average winning distances, and the top 15 horses bred on the cross.

TrueNicks is a unique program for rating “nicks” – that is, sire line/broodmare sire line affinities – using the comprehensive international database of The Jockey Club, the most complete database of known foals, starters, and stakes winners. TrueNicks is the only pedigree rating that assesses nicks on the basis of all known foals and starters, thus yielding results based on real opportunity.

“We are delighted that the Australian and New Zealand broodmare owner is now able to use the TrueNicks Enhanced Report to help make their mating decisions,” said TrueNicks co-creator Alan Porter of Pedigree Consultants. “Pedigree Consultants has been using the product for five years now and it is an integral part of our mating advice to all our clients throughout the world.”

Stallions are cross-referenced on TrueNicks.com and Stallions.com.au, making it easy for breeders to access reports. Farms can also link directly to their stallions’ TrueNicks pages from their farm websites.

TrueNicks, established in 2007, is owned and developed by Blood-Horse Publications and Pedigree Consultants LLC, the latter a partnership between world renowned pedigree analyst Alan Porter and Byron Rogers. To follow TrueNicks, visit Twitter.com/TrueNicks and Facebook.com/TrueNicks.

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