New Social Media Options for TrueNicks

We recently unveiled a new header on TrueNicks.com when you run a hypothetical mating report. The new features include quick buttons to email and save a report, plus social media options for Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.


The email tool allows you to quickly send the PDF of the TrueNicks report to clients and friends. You can include multiple recipient emails (separated by comma) and send a copy of the email to yourself. The message field lets you include any personal notes, such as your thoughts on the potential mating.


Depending on your web browser and PDF reader, it might be a bit tricky to save a copy of your TrueNicks report. So we added a quick Save button to make this as easy as possible.

Social Media

We added buttons for Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, so you can share a report that interests you. Byron Rogers of Pedigree Consultants (@Pedigreeconsult) may have been the first person to use the tweet button when he tweeted to celebrity chef Bobby Flay about Super Espresso going to Tapit.

...and feel free to follow us @TrueNicks!

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