TrueNicks Broodmare Reports Now a Triple Threat

In January 2009, a little more than a year after the launch of the TrueNicks website, the Broodmare Analysis Report was announced. The report allows breeders to cross their mare with up to 50 selected stallions and provides a catalog-style pedigree for the mare. The report lists the stallions in order of TrueNicks rating and Broodmare Sire Improvement Index, followed by hypothetical matings for each cross, giving a five-generation pedigree, TrueNicks Rating, inbreeding marks, Dosage information, and a list of the best five horses bred on the cross. Not surprisingly, this report was enthusiastically received by breeders, and in three years over 1,200 Broodmare Analysis Reports have been run.

The TrueNicks team has never been content to rest on its laurels, however, and the product range has continued to grow and develop. In November–just prior to the 4th anniversary of the launch of TrueNicks–two more broodmare products were introduced, giving breeders three different options to guide them in their mating decisions.

The first of the new product is the Broodmare Select Report. Designed specifically in response to requests from breeders, this report returns only the the best crosses for a given mare. The report allows the user to select location and stud fee parameters, then manually add any other prospective sires, and the report returns up to 50 stallions that rate B+ or better (A++, A+, A, B+) with the subject mare. Broodmare Select also supplies a catalog-style pedigree for the chosen mare, and the list of stallions in order of TrueNicks Rating and Broodmare Sireline Improvement Index (showing which stallions and sire lines have historically resulted in the most improvement of the broodmare sire line). And once again there is the full report for each hypothetical mating.

One of the most exciting recent developments for TrueNicks has been the Enhanced Report. Initially only available for subscribed stallions, the Enhanced Report gives a unprecedented amount of data regarding a cross. This includes information on foals bred on the rated cross, with numbers and percentages of foals, winners, and stakes winners; surface performance for stakes winners bred on the rated cross; earnings; average distance raced; and average winning distance. This information is analyzed separately for colts and fillies, and contrasted with the performance of the sire line and broodmare sire line with all other sire lines. There is also a table for any auction results of horses bred on the direct sire/broodmare sire cross, and a list of the 15 best horses bred on the cross, with sex, year of birth, sire, broodmare sire, and level of best racing performance.

Now broodmare owners can access the wealth of data found in the Enhanced Report via the new Broodmare Analysis Plus. Similar to the original Broodmare Analysis format, this product allows broodmare owners to generate Enhanced Reports for a mare with up to 50 stallions, and also supplies a catalog-style pedigree for the chosen mare, and the list of stallions in order of TrueNicks Rating and Broodmare Sire Improvement Index.

For more info or to order your broodmare report, visit www.TrueNicks.com/Products.

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