TrueNicks Launches New Matings Features

This week we launched a few of our newest TrueNicks features. When you run a TrueNicks hypothetical mating with one of our 700+ subscribed stallions, you'll see that the page header contains quick buttons to Email, Save, or Print the report. There are also buttons to Tweet, Google+, and Facebook recommend the mating. Here's how the entire header looks:

A few farms are beta testing additional features. The first new feature is an "Inquire about Stallion" button:

Clicking the Inquire button takes you to a form where you can send your info directly to the farm if you're interested in a season/nomination to the stallion.

Finally, you may see a "You May Be Interested..." bar with suggested matings:

These suggestions appear after you nick a mare with a stallion from one of the beta-testing farms (WinStar, Lane's End, Spendthrift, and Darley USA so far). The widget runs your mare with that farm's entire roster in the background, and then suggests any matings that rate B+ or better with your mare.

Clicking "View Report" sends you straight to that mating, and clicking "View All Suggestions" takes you to a summary of all suggested matings in the previous seven days:

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