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Broodmare Analysis Report Unveiled

A new TrueNicks pedigree research tool has been released. The Broodmare Analysis Report now provides an efficient and comprehensive way to analyze the crosses of multiple mares against multiple stallions.

Breeders and owners can rate the hypothetical matings for up to 50 stallions per report. Stallions can be selected by name, stud fee range, and/or location.

Each report generated features a full equineline.com pedigree page for the mare and ranks the stallions you selected by the TrueNicks ratings generated.

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In the Blood-Horse Stallion Directory, are the principal runners of a stallion, with a rating of A or better, the only principal runners whose rating is disclosed?  If so, why isn't the rating of all the principal runners of a stallion stated?

  • Scot's reply:  Thanks for your question, Gary.  The TrueNicks ratings of the most successful progeny indicated within the Stallion Register are limited to "A and above" scores to help potential breeders identify positive pedigree nicks.  Specifically, these are pedigree crosses that have a high percentage of success.  Don't forget, a nick rates the sire line affinity, NOT the calibre of the individual runner. 
Gary B. Knapp 12 Jan 2009 6:05 PM

Reader question:  What is the charge if you pick all stallions that are free if you did an individual search?

Scot's replyThank you for your question.  The cost of a single Broodmare Analysis report is $195 (individual reports run as low as $110 when purchased in bulk).  The report cost does not vary, whether you run your mare against a single stallion or against the 50-stallion maximum, and does not change based on a stallion's availability for complimentary TrueNicks hypo-mating reports.  The Broodmare Analysis provides rankings of all stallions run both by overall variant score and by the exclusive broodmare sire improvement index (BSII) – basically, a measurement of how much a given stallion "improves" the sire line of your broodmare.

Individual hypo-mating reports remain free, compliments of their stud farms, for about 350 stallions:  cs.bloodhorse.com/.../subscribed-stallions-by-farm.aspx.

sgillies 13 Jan 2009 12:08 PM

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