Poll: Pivotal or Redoute's Choice?

Imagine that we had the opportunity to import a top international sire to the U.S. – consider Pivotal and Redoute's Choice, champion sires in Europe and Australia, respectively. Linked below are the Stallion Affinity Reports for these stallions, detailing their affinities with all active broodmare sires. Which stallion do you think would best fit the U.S. broodmare population? Which would you import? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Notes on using the Stallion Affinity Report:

Byron Rogers on new stallions: Successful stallions are often a case of being in the right place at the right time. Not only do they have the racing type and ability for the environment that their progeny will race in, but they have the genetic profile that fits the most prominent broodmare sire lines available to them.

A new stallion that will stand in a major breeding centre will serve mares from a variety of broodmare sire lines – but only a certain proportion of these mares will fit him from a pedigree viewpoint. In a regional program, a stallion will see many mares by stallions that stood previously in the region, so he would need to work with these particular lines.

With the internationalization of the Thoroughbred (including shuttling stallions), we are seeing stallions being put into breeding populations where they either:

  • (a) suit a lot of the broodmare sires available there; or
  • (b) do not suit the broodmare population at all.

The Stallion Affinity Report gives the stallion owner a snapshot of their general affinity with all known broodmare sires, and is also a handy guide for recruitment, marketing, and promotion purposes to attract the right mares to the stallion.

Alan Porter on proven stallions: Proven stallion will most likely have begun to demonstrate some affinities, and it will be apparent that some crosses work well, and others less so.

For such a horse, the Stallion Affinity Report returns an accurate reflection of those trends, focused on what has actually worked for the stallion relative to opportunity, and especially strains that have improved the stallion when compared to the general population. The report creates a rating for the stallion when crossed over mares by every horse in the world with at least 40 starters in the most recent year – either as a sire or a broodmare mare. As a consequence, it is able to point out other potential version of crosses that have proven themselves to be effective with the sire.

For a stallion moving into a new environment – either shuttling or relocating to a new country – the report will consider both imported and domestic broodmare sire lines. This means that the report can ascertain lines that have worked with him in the region where he has stood previously, and will then reflect those crosses through strains that are available in the new region.

Pivotal Redoute’s Choice
Polar Falcon (by Nureyev)
Danehill (by Danzig)
Broodmare Sire
Cozzene (Caro)
Canny Lad (Bletchingly)
Sire of 2nd Dam
Bustino (Busted)
Nijinsky II (Northern Dancer)
Crops of Racing Age
Foals of Racing Age
Graded SW
SW (/foals age 3+)
88 (10%)
63 (9%)
Starters (/foals of racing age)
622 (65%)
578 (69%)
Winners (/foals of racing age)
446 (46%)
428 (51%)
Average Distance Raced
8.32 f
7.00 f
Average Winning Distance
7.95 f
6.88 f

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