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360 view of the Breeders' Cup and a special treat for you Zenyatta fans!... Read More

Breeders' Cup Competition VIDEOS

Stable Boy and I will be posting video reels of horses in Breeders' Cup races. The goal is to split up the horses we have footage of, by race, so you can see what they look like around the track. So Bookmark/Favorite this page as we will be updating it for videos for each race.... Read More

Monday Morning BC Update

Watching the beautiful sunrise over the mountains track side here at Santa Anita for the first time was just amazing. We had a few good shots of horse and rider riding in silhouette against the sun rise. There are a few horses working and a lot of horses I have not seen in person. I am tweeting on twitter all morning and have instant access to who is coming on and off the track. If you want you can... Read More

Your Summer Task: The Movie Project (bump)

There is A LOT of good conversation and movie reviewing going on about the summer task. The Blood-Horse community has been watching videos, discussing, suggesting and it has been great. A bump for those who have missed it the first time around.... Read More

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